yogic cards Printed onto heavyweight textured card these delightful Yoga cards have all been left blank inside so that you may add your own personal blessing. Each card is A5 in size and comes with a C5 envelope, sealed in cellophane packaging for protection

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yoga cards embossed heart chakra Follow your Heart Yoga card (£1.50)

A card themed around the heart Chakra with a central radiant aural heart, bearing the words ’follow your heart’ beneath the symbol.


Love Touches All card Yoga card (£1.50)

A more flamboyant heart chakra themed card with the words ’Love Touches all’ printed beneath the Chakra.


yoga cards embossed heart chakra 2 Om Shanti Card with Pink interwoven pattern (£1. 50)

A wonderfully simple Yoga card design using the Sanskrit Om. Printed with stunning clarity and exquisite delineation of form.


yoga cards embossed heart chakra 2 Om Shanti Card with Blue interwoven pattern (£1. 50)
A Blue Sanskrit Om and interwoven border Yoga card Printed with the words Om Shanti Beneath.


yoga cards embossed heart chakra 2Om Shanti Card with Purple interwoven pattern (£1. 50)

A stunnning bright joyous Yoga card with crisp and intricate purple border surrounding the Om symbol.


yoga cards embossed heart chakra 4 The Sound of Heaven Yoga Card (£1.50)

A simple Heart Chakra Yoga card depicting the sound of Heaven. In Sanskrit the word anahata - means unhurt, un-struck and unbeaten. Anahata Nad refers to the Vedic concept of unstruck sound, the sound of the celestial realm.

yoga cards embossed heart chakra Heart Chakra Yoga card (£1.50)

A plain depiction of the Heart Chakra Blank Yoga card for your own words.


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These Yoga cards have been designed personally by myself and are all hand made. They have been printed on the finest, textured, heavyweight card to give each greeting card the most pleasing appearance. High quality lovingly crafted, each Yoga card and greeting card is made to the highest standard.


yoga cards for spiritual yogic practitioners. Hand made designer greeting cards. Embossed and printed designs emphasizing yoga meditation techniques, yoga poses, postures and chakras. The joy of life with it's innumerable gifts lifts our hearts and minds to the vision of true enlightenment. Finding inner peace and fulfillment are the commonality that binds all humanity. May the blessings of Yogic light be upon you and your children. May your friends be many and close to your heart and my love follow you always. If you study Sutras, practice bandhas, translate sanskrit or enjoy your visits to an Ashram. Then these greetings cards are designed especially for you. Simplicity in all things is a blessing we too seldom find.

©michelle noble 2006
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